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Notaries are state-appointed legal practitioners acting in the public interest. Other than lawyers, notaries are independent, impartial and objective advisors to all parties involved in a transaction.

Notaries carefully determine the will of the parties, draft contracts and provide deeds necessary to carry out the transaction.

Notaries play a key role in real estate law, commercial and company law as well as inheritance and family law. In particular, legal transactions with lasting effect, economic and/or personal importance for the parties involved, require the involvement of a notary – e.g. the sale and transfer of real estate property, the creation of a land charge, the establishment and registration of a Private Limited Company (GmbH).

The same holds true for certain corporate transactions, such as share or asset deals, capital increases, corporate mergers as well as  matrimonial property and inheritance agreements. Moreover, notaries certify signatures as well as documents and establish authentic instruments.

I was appointed as a notary in the city Düren in February 2024.

I graduated from Heidelberg University and University of Chicago Law School and worked lawyer in a Germany based international law firm for several years.

Besides, I teach EU Law (in particular EU corporate and EU competition law) as well as international Private Law as a visiting lecturer at Yeditepe University, Istanbul.

You will find my office in the city of Düren – 25 minutes by train from Cologne Main Station and 50 Minute by train from Cologne Airport.

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My services

My services cover the full range of notarial activities such as:

Real estate property
  • Purchase, sale and transfer agreements concerning real estate property (e.g. land, buildings, apartments and commercial units)
  • Property developer contracts
  • Creation of apartment ownership
  • Creation of residential rights, heritable building rights and easements etc.
  • Creation of land charges and mortgages
  • Registrations with the land register
Companies and associations
  • Establishment of companies, such as Private (Limited) Partnerships (OHG, KG), Private Limited Companies (GmbH, UG haftungsbeschränkt), Public Limited Companies (Aktiengesellschaft), or European Companies (SE), and associations
  • Acquisition of companies (share deal & asset deal)
  • Capital increases
  • Mergers, conversions and divisions
  • Control and profit transfer agreements
  • Preparation and recording of shareholder meetings
  • Registrations with the commercial, partnership and association register
Inheritance, estates and gifts
  • Wills and inheritance contracts
  • Gifts as anticipated succession
  • Business succession planning
  • Settlement of estates
  • Inheritance and compulsory portion waiver contracts
  • Inheritance certificate applications
  • Inheritance rejections
Family & precaution
  • Marriage contracts (in particular agreements on matrimonial property regimes, maintenance and pension equalization)
  • Divorce settlement agreements
  • Adoptions of minors and adults
  • Precautionary deeds (powers of attorney, health care proxies, living wills)